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Permanent Decorative Concrete Edging
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will my yard be a mess?  And what about my plants?

No.  You can purchase brick or blocks at any home improvement store to use as edging; however, our product is specifically designed to eliminate all the problems associated with individually placed blocks, such as tipping, shifting, and unevenness.  With a wide base and continuous run, our curbing stays exactly where you want it, year after year.  Our trained crew does the installation, so there's no back-and-forth to the store, lifting heavy blocks, digging a trench, or leveling for you.

Can't I just buy the pieces and install them myself?
Will you need to build forms to pour the concrete into?

Again, no.  The curb is extruded in place by a specially designed concrete extruding machine.  The operator steers the machine to create straight runs, circles and curves.  With nearly unlimited design flexiblety, the curb can be installed on flexiblels, around corners, and anywhere else your imagination desires.

How long will the installation take?

Depending on how much curbing is to be installed, and the style chosen, most jobs can be completed in one day.

Will my yard be a mess?  And what about my plants?

To create a smooth and solid base for the curb, a gas-powered trencher is run only along the line where the curb is to be placed, disturbing only eight inches of existing landscaping.  Should any plants be in this path, we will gladly move them out of harms way.  We guarantee your yard will be left looking better than when we arrived.

What are my color choices?

Although we have a color chart from the dye, we prefer not to use it.

If you have ever painted your living room from a color chip, and ended up with a color you hated, you understand why.  We have tested all of our colors and have custom mixed most of them, to produce actual samples that we bring to your estimate.  We have over 40 colors, including reds, browns, terra cotta, grays, and kailua.  Simply let us know your preference when scheduling your free estimate, and we will be sure to bring samples that will perfectly complement your home or existing landscaping.

Will the color fade?

Unlike some of the curbing you may see which simply has an overcoat over plain concrete, we use an integral color which is added while the cement is mixing.  This not a dye or stain, but rather an iron oxide pigment that produces a solid color through the concrete.  Should the curbing ever become chipped, there will never be unsightly gray concrete showing through.  Additionally, we apply a UV-protectant sealant to minimize against fading.  Minor fading may occur over time, but this is natural for any outdoor color application.

I don't like that shiny curb I've seen.  Will mine look like that?
Will the concrete crack?
My yard is too big - I just can't afford this.

No!  As mentioned above, some curbing companies overcoat which gives the finished curb a high-gloss, almost plastic appearance. Since very few things in nature are high-gloss, we prefer a more natural, matte finish.  Should you prefer a semi-gloss finish, a second application of sealant will achieve the desired look.

Under the right (or wrong, as it were) conditions, all concrete will crack.  To minimize cracking, we first add reinforcing polymer fibers directly into the concrete mixture for added strength.  Once on the ground, we cut control joints into the curb every 18-24 inches to allow for ground movement.  On many of the patterns, such as the brick, these cuts are barely noticeable.

I'm not exactly sure where the curb should go.
Can you help with the design?
Who will do the actual installation?

Absolutely!!  Although your imagination is the limit, our experience often enables us to see possibilities that you might miss.  We will be happy to make suggestions to improve not only the appearance of your landscaping, but also to make maintenance simpler.

On every installation, the owner of S. Lynn Landscape Cubing, LLC will be present and working on your job.  This ensures that if you have any questions or last-minute changes, we are on-site to respond.

Many homeowners mistakenly assume that because decorative curbing is professionally installed it is prohibitively expensive.  This is certainly not the case!  When taking into account the time, labor, and expense of do-it-yourself methods, having your curbing installed by professionals who have the equipment and knowledge to do the job quickly, and right the first time, is certainly cost effective.  Additionally, we are more than happy to break the project down and do areas separately when you are ready.  We keep detailed records on all of our projects, so there will never be a problem matching your original pattern, color, and style.